Work With Me!

While I post weekly on Money Buffalo, I am also open to others writing articles for Money Buffalo.  And, I also write about personal finance for others as well.

Writing For You

Josh PatokaI’m a freelance writer by day and I’d love to write for you. Whether it’s on a one-time gig or a long-term relationship, please send me an email at

I write content for the following topics:

    • Personal Finance
    • Budgeting (Specifically living on $35,000 a year with a family)
    • Shopping Hacks
    • Healthy & Affordable Eating
    • College Education and Student Loans
    • Getting Out of Debt

Think I’m a Fake Person?

To prove I’m human—check out my writing profiles to show I’m not a robot 😉

I’ve also been mentioned on Student Loan HeroSynchrony Bank and Yahoo! Finance.

And for your weird fact of the day…I’ve been mentioned in U.S. News and World Report about plasma donation.

Guest Posts and Sponsored Posts

I am receptive to accepting Guest Posts and Sponsored Posts on this blog.  The minimum article length is 500 words. Prior to publishing, I must agree on the topic and you can pitch topic ideas at the email address below.

I do not support gambling, credit counseling, payday advance loan, title loans, etc.

Guest Posts

I publish free guest posts from fellow bloggers that want to help reach a new audience.

The article needs to be quality and not trying to get free publicity for a business or “shady backlinks.” If you write for anonymous clients, you know who you are.

My best performing topic ideas tend to be saving money and investing. Although, I’m open to almost any topic that’s somehow personal finance-related. Send me an email with a few ideas.

Sponsored Posts

If you are a business or want to publish links for a service or product, I consider this is a sponsored post.

Regarding sponsored posts and corresponding links, they will only be for products and services that I have personally used or would use.

Contact Me

E-mail me at if you’re interested in contributing to Money Buffalo or hiring me as your next writer.