Schoolhouse Teachers: An Educational Resource for Any Family

Schoolhouse Teachers

We plan to homeschool our children for their entire school career. In fact, one of my income streams is teaching high school Spanish to our local homeschool co-op and a local private school. For DIY parents of homeschool children and for people that just like to learn or maybe need some help with a tricky subject, I recommend Schoolhouse Teachers.

Why Homeschooling is Our Personal Preference

First off, I’m not saying I think everybody should be homeschooled. In addition to teaching homeschool students, I also teach at a local private school. I was never homeschooled and my wife attended public school through the 4th grade.

To be done correctly, it needs to be a personal conviction. It also requires a lot of focus and dedication. That’s why teaching is a full-time job and always will be. If you cannot dedicate the time or do not think it will be in your best interest to educate your own children, it is better to attend a private or public school.

It’s your choice. Just please don’t treat it as a fad.

We plan to homeschool our own children for a few academic reasons:

  • More flexibility in the course material
  • Don’t have to “teach for the standardized test”
  • Parents intentionally don’t move to our county as our public school system isn’t as good as adjacent counties
  • Cheaper than attending a private school

We all have different reasons why we choose public school, private school, or homeschool.

We All Need Help

We all need academic help when it comes to school. I had a Chemistry tutor in high school for a brief period of time to comprehend the complex material.

Homeschooling can be overwhelming. And, my wife and I know we will need additional resources for a few classes, especially in the high school years for material we really haven’t looked at since we were students. We aren’t going to know all the answers, but, we will do our best to find somebody that does when we have questions.

That’s why we like Schoolhouse Teachers. While you might be able to buy a curriculum and make that work, sometimes you need guidance with interactive videos and PowerPoints.

I also really like YouTube. It’s free and there’s how-to videos for just about every topic.

Our Experience with Schoolhouse Teachers

We have been Schoolhouse Teachers members for one year now and I have used their material to supplement some of the lessons I teach for Spanish. I also enjoy the copywriting that is in English and Spanish.

They have materials for nearly every core subject and elective for every age group.

Schoolhouse Teachers won’t take the place of an actual course, but, in can be a good aid if you need help if you need structured lesson plans or digital aids for complex subjects including Chemistry, Algebra, or Foreign Languages as a few examples.

Available Courses

In all, there are over 300 courses in 14 different subjects that can benefit your entire family. These are the different subjects that are offered by Schoolhouse Teachers.

  • Art
  • Bible
  • Computer and Technology
  • Drama and Speech
  • Electives
  • Foreign Languages
  • Geography
  • Health and Fitness
  • History
  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Music
  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Access to New World Book Tools

Since the lesson plans are geared for homeschoolers, the lessons are self-guided and do not require a textbook. Although, some will recommend books that can be purchased online for a few dollars.

Many of the classes include PowerPoint and/or video presentations. After each lesson, there are weekly assignments.

Parents & Teens Can Enjoy Courses Too

Some of the courses we plan to do as a family when our children get older are:

  • Accounting 101
  • Starting a Micro Business for Teens
  • SAT-ACT Math Test Prep
  • History of the National Debt
  • Chemistry

We want our children to learn “real skills” while they are young and still live at home. Starting a micro business is one way they can not only learn to manage money but also learn those moneymaking skills that can benefit them for their entire life.

Math and Science are the areas where my wife and I struggled the most in our own studies, so we will definitely be needing some additional resources to help us out.

How Much Does Schoolhouse Teachers Cost?

You can either purchase a monthly or annual subscription.

A 30-day trial membership costs $5.

After that, you can choose the Limited or Ultimate Membership plan.

Schoolhouse Teachers Review

Test drive Schoolhouse Teachers for just $5!

Limited Plan

The limited membership plan is ideal for parents and families of preschool through 8th grade. You do not get access to high school level courses.

Monthly Membership Cost: $14.95
Annual Membership: $139

*Use promo code LIMTRIAL for the $5 monthly trial membership.

Ultimate Membership

The Ultimate Membership gives you access to every course.

Monthly Membership: $19.95
Annual Membership: $139

*Use promocode TRIAL to access the $5 30-day trial for the Ultimate Benefits.


In my opinion, Schoolhouse Teachers is a great and reasonable way to access sound material to help you homeschool your children. Classes can also be enjoyable for parents as well like the economics electives (personal finance blog plug) or the various Bible history courses. Plus, being able to try out the platform for five bucks is also nice as a monthly or annual membership can be a relatively large financial commitment for some families.

Schoolhouse Teachers







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4 Comments on "Schoolhouse Teachers: An Educational Resource for Any Family"

  1. I wish I had the motivation to home school my (future) children, but I really just don’t see it happening. Never say never, I guess. Looks like a great resource, though, for those who are looking to home school.

    • Prior to meeting my wife I didn’t think I would have considered the option either (i.e. never say never). My wife will do most of the teaching, but, there are a few subjects I am stronger at. Homeschooling definitely isn’t for everybody, but, it can be very rewarding if you remain dedicated and get help when you need it.

  2. I love it, Josh. Another arrow in the quiver of the DIY classroom. I’ve always said if a child could do five math problems a day and read for at least a half hour a day, and this child did this from the time he or she was six, he our she would be a freakin’ genius by the time he or she reached 18. The current business model for K-12 education has lasted for over a 100 years and is rapidly becoming obsolete. Two motivated parents armed with Schoolhouse Teachers, Khan Academy, and YouTube can easily educate their children better than the pros. I love the cut of your jib, my friend. People like you make this country great. Cheers.

    • Thanks, Mr. G! I remember one of my high school English teachers saying the existing public school model was designed to train students to be factory workers during the Industrial Revolution. As a result, we are really good at taking orders and getting straight A’s for doing homework and studying test material, but, lacking when it comes to problem-solving and creative thinking.

      I am happy there is more emphasis on STEM curriculum in recent years.

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