Money Saving Tip: Stream Family Friendly Movies (& Shows!) With Pure Flix

Pure Flix review

Pure Flix


Movie Selection




Website Ease of Use



  • Wide selection of Christian Films
  • Competitively priced
  • Always adding new titles
  • 7-Day Free Trial


  • Not as sleek as Netflix
  • Missing some "key" titles
  • High monthly cost if you don't watch much TV

Are you a family that is looking for a way to watch more family-friendly and Christian movies and shows?  Have you ever heard of Pureflix?  It is probably the most extensive online platform that allows you to stream family-friendly movies to your family.  I will show you how with this Pure Flix review.

  • Name: Pure Flix
  • Website:
  • Cost: FREE 7-day trial then $12.99/month$99.99/year, or $1,000 for a lifetime membership
  • Recommended: Yes for an extensive catalog of family-friendly & Christian movies, although it does not carry some of the most popular titles published.

Note #1: I do not earn any commission or financial kickback from Pure Flix. I believe Pure Flix is the best streaming app for Christian films and tv shows. If you’re Catholic, I also recommend seeing if your parish offers Formed.

Note #2: This review is originally from December 2015 but receives regular updates. Some information may be out of date as streaming plan, movie catalog selection, and compatible devices change.

What Is Pure Flix?

Pure Flix is a subscription streaming service started in 2015, similar to Netflix, that only streams films and shows that are family-friendly or Christian.  It is an extension of Pure Flix Entertainment, a leading producer of Christian movies that has recently produced movies like God’s Not Dead and Woodlawn.  

Pure Flix is competitively priced at $12.99 per month or $99.99 for an annual subscription.  Plus they have a 7-day free trial period that you can use before being billed.

One reason I like streaming apps like Pure Flix is that my family can watch multiple movies for a low monthly cost. As we earn an average income, reducing our monthly costs is one way we don’t live paycheck to paycheck. I personally recommend as the monthly subscription as we only watch enough TV during the long winter nights to justify the cost.

Ways To Watch Pure Flix

Pure Flix is available on your computer, mobile device, or Smart TV. Visit the website or download the app to start streaming.

It is also accessible on the following TV devices:

  • Roku (Premiere, Ultra, LT, 3, 4, Streaming Stick, and Roku TV)
  • Google Chromecast
  • Amazon FireTV
  • Apple TV
  • XBOX One

There are no plans to make Pureflix available to stream for the PlayStation or Wii gaming devices.

Although I have never tried, Pure Flix says you can stream up to six movies at once.  Their streaming quality for one movie, the most I’ve ever done, is pretty good and very comparable to Netflix.

I have not been displeased with their streaming quality.

What Pure Flix Looks Like

I’m trying to refrain from Netflix comparisons as much as possible, but they are the “gold standard” in online streaming and the main competition to Pure Flix.  Also, the Pure Flix interface is very similar to Netflix but a little harder to navigate.

Pure Flix review

The Pure Flix Interface. Click the image to enlarge.

Above is a screenshot of the various titles available to watch on Pure Flix.  When you hover the mouse over an image, Veggie Tales, in this case, comes up with a brief description and movie duration.

What Movies Does Pure Flix Have?

Pure Flix has the largest catalog of family-friendly shows and Christian movies available, over 1,000 to choose from, in one place.

In addition to entertainment, Pure Flix offers the following types of digital videos:

  • Educational
  • Faith
  • Kids
  • Movies and Short Films
  • TV Series (Torchlighters, The Beverly Hillbillies, Little Rascals, 100 Huntley Street, etc.)
  • Classic movies (the old black-and-white classics from Hollywood’s “glory days)

For the complete video catalog, please visit this link.  Because this streaming service is an offshoot of Pure Flix Studios, you can imagine that a lot of their productions are available.

Though the catalog is extensive, it might not have all of the latest hits.  They are offering the blockbuster Kendrick Brothers films like Fireproof and Courageous. They also other hit movies like God’s Not Dead and God’s Not Dead 2.

There is a wide variety of films, tv shows, and documentaries available.  They have a wide variety of children-friendly programming available like Veggie Tales, educational series on “Heroes of the Faith” and documentaries of historical leaders, events, and locations.

I spent a semester abroad in Spain during college and enjoyed watching some of the educational films for a trip down memory lane.

There are also plenty of movies that adults will enjoy as well on movie nights–or relive childhood nostalgia with your own children!  Titles can include the sentimental The Ultimate Gift or The Hiding Place, Christmas movies, Christian comedies and actions, and tv series like The Beverly Hillbillies and Ozzie and Harriett.

*Like any streaming service, the catalog is constantly changing, so movies and shows I have previously mentioned may or may no longer be available to stream at the time of you reading this review.

Their catalog is very large and has a lot of movies that most people probably didn’t know even existed, but you will know that they are all family-friendly and you do not need to worry about questionable content and ask “How is this a family film?”

Why Shouldn’t I Just Use Netflix?

The question I bet that comes to most people’s minds when thinking about Pure Flix is, “Why can’t I just apply the parental filters on Netflix so my children can only browse certain categories?”

Netflix doesn’t have as much family-friendly content. And, their secular content can include storylines and content that you don’t morally agree with. As one commenter stated, some of Netflix family programming now has LGBT-friendly content in it. Do you want your children exposed to these ideas?

Another reason to use Pure Flix instead of Netflix, is you are supporting a Christian organization. Their movie and show catalog have greatly expanded in the four years that I first discovered them.

You might be thinking it’s weird to subscribe to a service that is only for Christian and family-friendly movies only.  Well, there are similar subscription services available.  Focus on the Family has an $8 per month plan that allows you to listen to an unlimited amount of the Adventures In Odyssey series.  So I believe Pure Flix can thrive in an environment where more and more families are seeking sources that still provide traditional values.

Whatever the reason that you may or may not be hesitant with trying out Pure Flix, keep in mind that you can try them out for 30 days for free.

My Experience With Pure Flix

Like you, I was curious to see what titles a Christian streaming service would offer.  I am pleased with their offerings.  Their service hasn’t perfected the personalized recommendation algorithm like Netflix, yet, so they do not offer recommendations based on your previous viewing history as precisely.

It takes a little more effort to search for the content you are looking for, but it’s not unbearable. Remember this is similar to Netflix from a decade ago, when streaming was still relatively new and the majority of subscribers still used the DVD subscription plan.

It is a give and take relationship with any streaming service and the available catalog.  No single service has every movie available.  For example, you cannot stream any of the Star Wars episodes on Netflix but you can rent the DVDs.

With Pure Flix, I have only had minimal playback issues where the stream will just halt abruptly and have always had good resolution.  But their streaming quality is reliable and we live in a rural area with slow DSL.

But as mentioned before, no streaming service offers everything and the catalog is definitely better in 2020 than in 2015 when I first discovered Pure Flix.

Why I Think You Will Like Pure Flix

I will say that Pure Flix isn’t for everybody.  I know some families like to own the movies they watch instead of renting or simply don’t use the service enough to justify the monthly subscription rate.  Others still want the other programming that Netflix or Amazon Prime offers and are satisfied with the Faith & Family titles available to stream.

Pure Flix is also an awesome Disney+ alternative.

Another reason I think Pure Flix is unique, is because it is an opportunity to support Christian organizations trying to improve pop culture.  If you haven’t noticed, there has been a big push recently (even among major Hollywood studios) to produce Christian films that have been successful in the theaters instead of being released on DVD-only.

Who would have thought that Netflix would have been so successful with their original programming?  It’s because more and more people subscribed to their streaming service and the original programming is one reason they remain successful today.

Positives and Negatives


  • Family-friendly Christian films and tv shows
  • Classic movies and TV shows too!
  • Has exclusive movies and shows that other streaming apps don’t offer
  • Can stream smart TVs and mobile devices
  • Free 7-day trial
  • No cancellation fees (can pause and restart subscription on demand)


  • Monthly cost ($12.99) can be high if you don’t watch many movies
  • Catalog may get repetitive
  • Some families want secular and Christian content in one platform

Overall, Pure Flix is a good streaming app. I personally like the flexibility in being able to pause your subscription anytime without penalty. For example, we watch more movies in the winter when the nights are long. But, we don’t subscribe during the summer when we are outside most evenings.


What will Pure Flix look like in 5 years? Is it the next Netflix? 

For a 7-day free trial, I think it’s at least worth trying to find out.  If you don’t like it, just remember to cancel your account before the trial period ends.

They are growing and adding new titles all the time.  I think Pure Flix is here to stay & will improve as the subscription base grows.

Thanks For Reading and I hope this review has been helpful.

Is family-friendly or Christian programming a big deal to you?  How does your family watch movies (streaming, rent from Redbox, buy them, etc.)?

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71 Comments on "Money Saving Tip: Stream Family Friendly Movies (& Shows!) With Pure Flix"

  1. Movies are great but customer service stinks. You cannot speak with their billing department even if they double bill you as they did me. It is been so frustrating to try and get my money back.

  2. Trying to find a num to call to see when payment would be due. Haven’t found one yet.I just read where someone was double charged and couldn’t get sold of customer service to get there money back.. humm

    • Here is the number listed on the website for customer service: 1-844-426-3549
      Plus they can also be contacted on their contact page.

      I haven’t personally had a problem with billing, it has seemed very understandable to me, but, I also know “one-offs” happen with every company.

      • I didn’t find more current posts on CS, support or Multiple billing issues. How was pure flicks doing nowadays 2020? What’s the subscriber base on pure flicks today?

        • I haven’t heard complaints…I have one family friend that unsubscribed maybe 8 months ago and didn’t have an issue. Plus we know several others that are active subscribers and don’t have issues.

          I don’t know how many people subscribe to PureFlix as I don’t work for them nor I do get a financial kickback if anyone signs up for them through this website.

  3. I am trying there 30 day trail. So far, very good movies and like it Very much.

    • I’ve been pleased with their movie selection & service. We have several family friends that use Purfelix as well and haven’t had any issues.

  4. Double billed and tripled billed after I cancelled. I’ve been trying for 8 weeks to speak with their billing dept. Their customer support is 1st level tech support and are not able to assist with billing issues BUT there isn’t an option or a direct number for billing. That is fishy itself. The only response I’ve received are emails that are unclear. Very frustrating.

    • I hate that you had this experience, Ed. Personally, I and the handful of others that use this service haven’t had this same experience with billing.

  5. Would like to have it. But the double billing and no customer service issue had detoured me from joining. Such good movies but sad reviews. You got to get it together pure.

  6. im all for good family oriented movies I appreciate that so much, however I think I will wait until the bill issues are straightened out. To me personally there is nothing more frustrating than having to argue and or not get a hold of a company that has ur cc on file and u cannot control it, I have had many problems with that sort of stuff and it makes me so angry especially when u call the bank and all they want to do is cancel ur card that u rely on for trusting sites etc. I am very happy with Netflix they are reliable as can e and they pu the phone immediately. I will watch for improvements and hopefully be a must soon

    • At least Netflix has family-friendly videos too.

      • Netflix classifies several films containing LGBT content as “family-friendly”, so if you’re okay with LGBT propaganda brainwashing your kids from an early age, go on and keep using Netflix. Not to mention Netflix is giving away hundreds of millions of your dollars to support the creation of dark, gritty content full of all of the seven deadly sins which seem to be their source of inspiration. So if you’re okay with supporting the corruption of society with your hard-earned money, and creating more lost souls who get pushed off the right path by this sin-promoting propaganda, that’s your call.

        There’s also the fact they are now a fundraising arm of the Democratic party and it’s pro-abortion agenda (used to be called the “detestable” practice of child sacrifice in the Bible before the “abortion” word was invented) they give so many millions to Democrats that Netflix should be in violation of campaign financing limits. That may or may not bother you as well.

        There is no need to give one penny to Hollywood. Just use an HDMI cable, hook up your laptop to your TV, and use a search engine to find any TV shows you want (get a good pop-up blocker and skip any site that tries to make you sign up with email or pay). I’ve got two sites bookmarked that have every TV show and movie in existence, for free, in 720p HD quality. It’s 100% legal to view streaming sites (equivalent to YouTube), you just can’t download stuff to your hard disk, like how it’s legal to listen to the radio, you just can’t copy it to a cassette and then play it back commercially.

        No penny goes to Hollywood. As it should be. Don’t give money to Lucifer’s chief propaganda outlet. Practice some civil disobedience.

        • I haven’t subscribed to Netflix in three years so I didn’t know that. I like your stance and it’s definitely a way to take action instead of only complaining.

  7. $10.99 mo./99.99 annual.
    Over 6,500 faith and family titles and original content is being added as well. If you count Netflix’s spirituality tiles there are less than 100. It’s simply a matter of choice.

    • Exactly. That’s why I prefer PureFlix for our streaming platform. There are plenty of streaming options for us. And, they are reasonably priced (in my opinion).

  8. The fact that there is that big of a selection is refreshing. The fact that customers are getting double billed or triple billed is very disheartening. To be totally honest, this is the main reasons why I haven’t signed up. I work too hard to have a service double or triple bill and not resolve it in a timely fashion.

    • That’s the beauty of a free market, you can “vote” with your money. We have a few close friends that also have Pureflix and they have never mentioned the billing issues.

    • I understand that mistakes happen with billing but when your purposely dodging people and not owning up to your errors then that leaves little room for trust. I was considering this service, but I’m just tired of the lack of concern for others. Guess I won’t be joining.

  9. I appreciated the information you shared. We are thinking about it. If I understood correctly you can not see it on your television, only on the computer, ipad, phone and the other things you mentioned, is that correct?

    • Carla,

      You definitely can watch it on your tv, you just need one of the following devices (I’ve copied the TV devices below) like a Roku device:
      For TV’s – Roku devices (Starting at about $25) via the Pure Flix app found in the Roku Channel Store. Please Note that Roku 1, SE, XS, XD or HD are not supported

      • For TV’s – ROKU-powered Smart TV’s are supported via the Pure Flix app in the ROKU app store

      • For TV’s – Amazon Fire TV Devices (Starting at about $40) – the Pure Flix app can be found on the Amazon App Store

      • For TV’s – Apple TV (Starting at about $149) via the Pure Flix app found in the App Store. Please Note that Gen 1, 2 or 3 are not supported since no third party apps can be loaded to them (you can verify your version of Apple TV by going to this link:

      • For TV’s – Android Enabled TV’s and Android Boxes – the Pure Flix app can be found in the Amazon App Store

      • For TV’s – Chromecast (Starting at about $35) for Apple, Android & Chrome Browser (recommend removing and reinstalling the Pure Flix app to enable or installing the Chromecast extension for the Chrome browser)

  10. Christine M. Hinrichsen | October 19, 2017 at 4:11 pm | Reply

    Outstanding selection! Perfect 10 in my book. All my friends in New England are eager to sign up or are desperately seeking the same on other sites, if they aren’t already signed on,,and are disheartened they can’t find anything but cartoons in the family sections or movies that discuss God or finding inner peace is if limited, nonexistent. Happy the days are long past that I’m forced to see the covers of less then stellar selections and waste so much time scrolling threw other sites pages for the one or two ok family films that are limited there.

    • The wide family-friendly selection is why we stick with PureFlix. Does it have everything? No, but neither does Netflix, Amazon Prime, or any other streaming site. At least here I know I there is good quality programming.

      Please share with your friends. I think they will be pleased with PureFlix!

  11. Is this monthly charge unlimited movies or do you pay for membership and then the movies too?

  12. All of the billing complaints seem a little too consistent and scripted. Just sayin. Think I’ll sign up and find out for myself. At least I don’t think I’ll be bombarded with shows that contradict everything I believe.

    • While I try to remain unbiased in the comments so everybody can see both sides, I will say that I haven’t seen the billing issues mentioned in other reviews or forums. I’m not saying they don’t exist, but, it’s not like Googling “Ford Pinto Recall” for example.

      From my own personal experience, PureFlix has never double-billed me or any of our friends that have them. I hope you enjoy the trial (I think you will!) and that’s why we use them as well. It’s one of the very few family-friendly streaming options where you don’t have to create filters or special children accounts.

    • Barbara Enyeart | July 7, 2019 at 9:19 pm | Reply

      I was thinking the same thing. Competitors may be getting worried.

  13. On the double billing postings .. my thoughts were that maybe they were MONTHLY subscribers and not ANNUAL subscribers. IMHO. I am not a subscriber but I know some people that when they finally cut the cord that they would probably be interested in this service.

    • That’s a great observation Vicky!

      I prefer the annual subscription because of the savings for a product we will use on a regular basis, so that might be why I’ve never experienced the double-billing issues.

  14. I can’t wait to get it but I’ll wait till it gets better because of double billing

    • I hope you enjoy it too. Speaking from personal experience and some of the other comments on this post, I think double billing is the exception. My advice is to try it, I think you’ll be pleased.

  15. Can we watch PureFlix on more than one TV in the house at the same time?

    • Yes. You can watch on up to 5 devices at once which means you can watch 5 different programs at once.
      I don’t know you’d be able to “sync” your devices like you can watch cable tv at the same time because that’s live programming unless you have a special device. The Best Buy Geek Squad will have to answer that question 😉

  16. Can you download instead of stream? I live out in the country and have a slow internet internet service (all that was available), so I would rather download a movie so I can watch it continuously.

    • No. We get up to 6 MBPS at our place in a semi-rural area and there are some days we can’t stream if the network is bogged down.

      Depending on how slow your connection speed is, you can try the 30-day trial just to see if it performs as you live your daily life. It costs you nothing except your time.

  17. Thank you Josh for your feed back.
    We signed up for the free trail a wk ago and so far we absolutely lOVE it. We are very glad that we can watch it on more than one device at the same time.
    What a blessing that we can be assured our minds are not being traumatized by sudden nudity scene or anything against our godly values.
    I pray that by the time we pay our monthly payments, that the library will have increased for movies & documentaries. God bless you

    • I’m glad you like it and it works for you! Pureflix is our #1 streaming recommendation to friends and family because it’s family-friendly. They might not have all the latest and greatest titles but they definitely have plenty of content.

  18. Is there a way to turn the Subtitles/Captions on for hearing impaired/Elderly people? We cannot find that option anywhere on Pure flix.

    • That’s a new one for me. You should have the option in the bottom right corner of your screen where the wheel icon is to turn them off and on.

      Below is according to Pure Flix about closed captioning and subtitles…

      “We currently support CC on nearly 100% of our titles.

      Currently, Closed Captions are available through:

      • Web Browsers (not apps) on computers.

      • Android and Apple/iOS devices while playing in a Web Browser (not the app).

      • Roku devices.

      Please note that not all devices support closed captioning in the same manner.”

      I hope this helps!

  19. Why does Josh comment on everything like he is pentending not to be financially involved in pureflix yet he has all the answers? Lol

  20. Allison Woods | April 23, 2018 at 8:33 pm | Reply

    I have Apple TV and I’m struggling to get the closed captioning on PureFlix. Every time I want to watch and there no closed capt I lose my interest and there no enjoyment to watch without closed captioning. I I have 3 Apple TV boxes. 1 is 4th generation and other is 4K. I strongly suggest you that you get this because of the ADA required all closed captioning. I know I read it said Roku then I don’t have one. Why waste money if I have Apple TV. I know I read the Apple or androids but do t have the much of gb. It would run gb out. No. I rather to have big tv to watch with Apple TV than the small. I’ve been trying to get this message. I guess this is the 3rd time or maybe more I’ve asked about . It’s running out of my patience. I love to watch Christian movies. Please bring the closed captioning on Apple TV. I’m sure there’s are more deaf people who use Apple TV than Roku. It frustrates me much when I tried to watch and no closed captioning or English subtitles. Thank you for your time to hear this.

  21. Hi,I’m from Australia and watch most of my movies throgh You Tube, only thing is so many unchristian movies get put in under different names or have sinful scenes in them and are Christian made, I want good clean wholesome entertainment BUT we can’t get Pureflix here yet, is there any time in the bear future that it will come here, desperately waiting and eager to get it… thanks and God bless

    • I don’t know and Pureflix hasn’t published anything. Currently, they are only available in the U.S. and Canada.

      You could send them a message and they might reply to you directly.

  22. On this site it said 10.99 a month. So, I decided I would sign up. Yet, when I went to sign up it was 14.99 a month. I already pay for Netflix which I enjoy. Why, do I want to pay 14.99 when I can pay 10.99 for Netflix?

    • I’m not sure where the $14.99 figure is coming from as that number is nowhere on their website. There’s only $10.99 and $99.99. It should be $10.99 if you pay a monthly subscription or $99.99 if you pay the entire amount upfront which comes to $8.33 per month.

  23. I tried to sign up 2x for the free 30 day trial of Pure Flix but it only allows me to do the first step. The 2nd and 3rd step doesn’t work.
    Also, based on the reviews that I’ve read, I’m wondering why most were being charged doubled and why they can’t contact the customer service. It’s sad because you don’t give us customer service for help in any situation.

    • I’ve reached out to PureFlix in the past about these issues and didn’t get a response. I wish I knew another way to help you.

      I joined PureFlix three years ago and have had a pleasant experience.

  24. If I have a DVDs player that I used to get Netflix on will I get pure fix on it, also get YouTube or Hulu is available on it too.

  25. Lee-Anne Turner | October 14, 2018 at 9:22 pm | Reply

    I have seen ads of your films but we cant subscribe here in Australia will or when will that happen in Australia

    • I don’t work for PureFlix so I don’t know. Even after a quick Google search, I haven’t found any press releases or relevant articles. Sorry I can’t be of more help on this question.

  26. Is PureFlix available in Puerto Rico?

    • Sadly, I don’t think is yet. As of April 2019, Pure Flix states: “Currently due to our licensing agreements, we are restricting streaming video viewership to within the USA and Canada.” You can try to join and find out for sure though.

  27. Pierre C Duelz | July 13, 2019 at 10:02 am | Reply

    Thank you Josh for the time and effort you’ve invested in this forum and it’s full extension, the cause of Christ. I appreciate you not taking the bait of the cynical posters. God bless you as you represent Him in your daily life.

    It’s a shame that so many Christians are quick to throw in the towel when we encounter a little difficulty.(as I was about to do) I’m so glad that even though it cross-ed His mind to throw in the towel, Jesus stayed the course and suffered the consequence. Rev 5:12

    BTW I was online to cancel my Pure Flix subscription when I came across your page. It convicted me to change my mind. Thank you for your steadfastness. Eccl 9:11


    • Thank you for the kind comments. We really enjoy Pure Flix because of the clean content. May we both encourage each other to continue on the journey.

  28. Luis escalante | July 23, 2019 at 12:02 pm | Reply


  29. Jennifer L Rader | August 21, 2019 at 9:18 am | Reply

    It sounds like Pure Flix has a lot of fixing to do yet. We have live streaming tv through Playstation 4, but from what I’m understanding we wouldn’t be able to even be able use our tv just our computers or ipads or cell phones unless we get a firestick, am I correct on this? Is there in anyway in the future that Pureflix will change that?

  30. To whom this may concern i am trying to unsubscribe to pureflix and cant find where to do so PLEASE HELP. I fibd nothing wrong with it I’ve had it for a year and watch it maybe 6 times in a year

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