How Can I Make Money From Home?

How Can I Make Money From HomeHave you ever had a lightbulb go off in your head, like in the old cartoons, where you are trying to make an extra dollar from your own interests or hobbies but do not exactly know how?

There has been more of this inspiration lately due to the hit show, Shark Tank.

For us, working from home allows us flexibility & less commute.  We still put in full-time hours, but we enjoy the “perks.”

You might not be an inventor or a vendor, but did you know you can make money from your own hobby, skill/niche, or life experience?!

  1. Build a Website to Make Money
    1. If online auctions or crafts are not your specialty, consider creating a website & blog on your interest or hobby.  As you build traffic, you can make money with affiliate programs.
    2. To be upfront, this process is a time investment and will take several months before you might be able to start seeing income.
    3. I personally recommend Wealthy Affiliate to help you create your website.  They do a very thorough job of helping you build an internet marketing website step by step with easy to follow video lessons and tutorials.  As an added bonus, they will also host your domains here!
      1. They are also similar in a social media appearance like Facebook, so you have the online blogging community members to help give you advice when you have questions.
    4. Another respectable webhosting service is Bluehost.
      1. Bluehost does not have training material like WA, although they are a very popular among newbies & experienced bloggers. They also have a very reliable internet hosting service with excellent customer support, if/when needed.  You can obtain your own domain name from them as well, making them a “one-stop shop.”

Can I Make Money from Home?

Many of us are realizing how easy it is to work away from the office. However, staying productive can be difficult. The work-from-home tips can help you end each day feeling accomplished–without leaving home.

That is a question many people, including myself, have asked.  The answer is yes.  But it’s definitely not an overnight sensation.  The major corporations or restaurants you see on street corners did not appear overnight.  They all took years to reach their current size and financial success.  The above ideas listed are starting points and opportunities for you to broadcast your expertise on the world wide web on activities that you probably do on a daily basis.

I don’t know much about old coins.  But if you do, you can create a website on coin collecting.  If so, you can branch it out into the broad field of numismatics (the study or collection of paper and hard currency).

Perhaps you have a life experience that you can start a blog on to help others in similar situations by sharing your testimonial experience so they may avoid some of the common pitfalls that they wouldn’t know otherwise from researching conventional academic websites.  Helping people should be your first priority, but to get some return on your time investment, you can also earn some income through affiliate links and marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is earning a sales commission after a person makes a purchase after clicking on a link from your website.  This can be through companies like Amazon or another specialty retail internet site that might sell, hypothetically speaking, jetpack sprockets.  You name the product, there is a probably a website affiliate that will give you a commission.

Where Can I Learn More About Starting My Own Internet Business or Blog?

If you are interested in creating your very own website & blog to turn your passion or skill into an online business, please look at the following links below.

  1. How-To Guide This article is a good source for getting started with internet marketing.
  2. Need help naming your brand or domain?  This article will help you choose an effective domain name (this is your web address…mine is
  3. If you already have your website up & running but need some motivation, read these 4 Simple Tips
  4. Need Help Writing Quality Content?  (Hint: Be Personal)

Tools I Use For My Blog

As I knew nothing about the blogging before I started, I found the training program Wealthy Affiliate.  You have an online community that has answers to your many questions, great training resources, and they also offer dependable hosting services for your web domain(s).

If you have already started the blogging process, but need some help for choosing target keywords, I recommend the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.

Some of My Favorite Home-Based Business Tools

Running a business from (and being self-employed) is different than working for an employer. After five years of self-employment, there are still times that I feel like a fish out of water as the “the buck stops with you.”

However, I have no desire to ever re-enter Corporate if I can help it. I like the flexibility of making money from home way too much.

If you’re a home-based business owner and in need of resources,  here are our top recommendations to set you up for success.

Home-Based Workers Comp Insurance

Insurance is very important if you interact with customers or other employees at your home. You don’t want to be one incident away from bankruptcy. Secure your business through worker’s comp insurance from Cerity.

Free Marketing Tips

“Knowing your audience” is very important to build your business. If your services cater to the wrong person, you can be missing out on sales, site traffic, and (perhaps most importantly) word-of-mouth referrals.

Here are two free articles that are worth are read to hone your marketing skills. How many of the best practices are you doing already?

Expense Tracking

Large corporations have an entire accounting departments to track expenses and optimize their business taxes. You can deduct business expenses that reduce your taxable income. Keeper Tax makes it easy to track expenses and store receipts. Logging expenses in real-time is easier than compiling all of your expenses at tax time–it’s easy to lose receipts and miss out on valuable tax deductions.

Come back and check this site as I will be routinely adding new links to help you get started with your own site!


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  1. Great information and links to use to start an internet website.

  2. Making money from home is a possibility for many. It takes time and might only be a few dollars at intially. With diligence, you can scale.

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