Great Ways To Save Money

Everybody likes saving money & although the methods used to save money may not seem cool, a little extra cash for paying debts or a leisurely Friday night is.  After all, a date night is fun & life isn’t supposed to be serious 100% of the time!

Here are some quick ideas:

#1 Cook Instead of Eating Out

-Everybody needs to eat. How much do you spend each day by buying a salad from the local cafe for lunch instead of bringing an identical one from the house?  For one person, plan to spend $10 for fast food & $15-20 for a sit-down meal each time.

#2 Bring snacks & drinks from home

Piggybacking from idea #1, bring snacks & drinks from home.  How much can you save by bringing home-brewed Starbucks coffee as opposed to buying it from the barista?  Or bring your own lemon poppyseed muffins, candy bars, or soda instead of from the local concession stand?

Also drinking tap water, even if it’s filtered, is cheaper than bottled water.

#3 Consider Cheaper Cell Phone Plans

-Depending on where you live & coverage area, a plan from Republic Wireless, Boost Mobile, or Virgin Mobile might be cheaper alternatives.  Or can you trim your data package from your current provider?

#4  Shop For Secondhand Clothing

Shop at consignment shops or thrift stores like Goodwill for your next outfit.  On several occasions, I have been able to get name brands like Jos. A Bank & IZOD for under $10 per item & they were in next to new condition.

#5 Cut cable/satellite service

Cable or satellite tv service can get expensive quick, especially ti access sports packages.  With sports, consider NFL GameRewind ($100 a season) to watch the entire game replay afterward or see if you can stream the radio broadcast of your favorite team.  Regarding shows and movies, consider alternatives like Roku, Netflix, or Hulu.

Or there is a new option, Sling TV, that starts at $20 per month for basic cable channels and can add sports add-on packages for $5 per month.

My #1 recommendation is Pure Flix for family-friendly movies.

#6 Don’t buy new items

In the Internet Age, you can get almost anything used.  Get books, shoes, beauty items on or  Or check your local Craigslist for items like cars, furniture, materials if you plan to remodel your kitchen, etc.  In a nutshell, “Why Pay Retail?”

#7 Get cash back by shopping with Rakuten

Anytime you buy anything online (from 1,800+ stores), you most likely can get a cash rebate in addition to the additional discounts with Rakuten.  You can get cash back from places like Shutterfly, Amazon, Ulta, Walmart, Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

You can also get Rakuten discounts at certain stores when you shop in person by using their app.


I hope these tips have been helpful.  Please feel free to comment or leave tips of your own.  Thanks.



4 thoughts on “Great Ways To Save Money”

  1. I believe that I spend a lot of my money eating out. Maybe around £60 every week and when you count that up over the year, you are taking about a hefty £3120 each year on fast food places and restaurants. Kinda money not well spent if you ask me.Think I need to put a bit more effort in the way I tend to spend money.

    • Eating out adds up quick & I did that for about 3 years. I was single & had a good job so it didn’t affect my wallet, but I could have done so many other more productive things with that money. Thanks for sharing!

    • Skills can be learned. The good thing is that you don’t have to be the next Julia Child or Emeril to cook at home. I also saved a ton once I stopped buying my lunches & suppers out. I was spending about $20 per day, 5 days a week. That’s about $5200 each year!


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