6 Free Stock Market Research Tools (2021)

Stock Market Research Tools

If you invest in individual stocks and ETFs, you know how hard it can be to consistently pick winning investments. You also know how valuable stock market research tools can be. But do you know how to research stocks for free?

If you invest using free investing apps like M1 Finance or Robinhood, their platform research is limited to news headlines, price-to-earnings (PE) ratio, and the current dividend yield. If you want to “know what you own,” this information isn’t good enough.

Start With These Stock Market Research Tools

There are a lot of opinions about whether to invest or avoid a particular stock. Although you can subscribe to stock investing newsletters to get monthly stock picks, there are still plenty of good stocks that you may find on your own. The following tools are free to use and can help you research potential investments.

With Stock Card, you can research five stocks for free each month. Upgrading to a premium plan gives you unlimited access. These cards are an easy way to compile data on several points and assign a green, yellow, or red icon to signify the company’s fundamentals. You should look at the specific details to see why the factor gets the color it has.


Here are what the different color icons mean:

  • Green: A green checkmark indicates a positive data point
  • Red: A red X mark indicates a negative data point
  • Yellow: A yellow dash mark indicates an unclear situation with an equal number of negative and positive data points
  • Grey: A circle with a question mark indicates a lack of applicable data point(s)
  • i Icon: An “i” icon opens up a pop-up bubble that explains why that specific data point or insight matters to your investment decision
Stock Market Research Tools

A detailed look at Stock Card

Besides the company research, Stock Card also has webinars, podcasts and blog posts that may be of interest as well.

Motley Fool

Despite its name, The Motley Fool is one of my favorite investing tools. I enjoy their premium Stock Advisor platform. But they also have plenty of free daily articles and podcasts which can give you investing ideas and market clarity.

You can also join their CAPS community for free which provides more information than you may find on other free databases like Yahoo Finance or MarketWatch. Depending on the stock, you can see if other CAPS members are bullish or bearish on a particular stock.


Free Stock Market Research Tools

The FinViz Screener can look intimidating. But it’s very powerful.

The FinViz screener is one of the best ways to sort potential investment ideas by a variety of metrics. Some of them include the target price, index, industry, volume, dividend yield, and price. Like other stock market research tools, you can also view the in-depth financial data to make your own calculations include the free cash flow.

You can also use the screener to filter by fundamental and technical indicators. Personally, I prefer fundamental investing but that’s me.

Morning Brew

Credit: Morning Brew

Morning Brew

Morning Brew is a free 5-minute daily digest covering the latest stock market news and investing trends. I personally like the recaps as I can see the key happenings in the stock market that I can use to find new investment ideas and also plan my financial future.

You can then use the Brew’s findings to research stocks in a stock screener or with your online broker.


Analyzing WMT with Finscreener


Finscreener is another in-depth tool that makes it easy to analyze stock fundamentals and so basic technical analysis. Some of the advanced features you may like include:

  • Insider trading
  • SEC filings
  • Technical charts
  • Financial charts
  • Heat maps and bubble charts

You can also use Finscreener to track and screen forex, commodities and cryptocurrency.

Stock Market Research Tools

Catch two large investing headlines every morning. Finimize takes up to 3 minutes total to read.


Finimize is a free daily newsletter that tells you about the two largest market events from the day before. Maybe it’s earning reports, a proposed merger, or new product launches. It only takes a few minutes to read the free report and it’s an easy way to keep track of market happenings and gauge public sentiment.

Free Investing Tools

The AskFinny homepage with trending questions. Don’t be afraid to ask your own.


AskFinny is a growing AI-powered question and answer tool. It’s kinda like Google and Quora in one platform. You can view trending investing questions and some of the most popular. Maybe you’re a beginner investor and don’t know what to ask yet. Meet AskFinny.

Another reason I like this tool is the detailed pros (bull case) and cons (bear case) for each company. The research is pretty good for a free tool. You can access this information:

  • Price charts
  • Key finance stats and company description
  • Analyst opinions
  • Recent news articles and press releases

My benchmark for most research sites is stock ticker NSC (Norfolk Southern) because I worked there for 7 years. I have a good insight into the company. I appreciate the sources for the fundamental data and easy-to-use platform.


These free stock market research tools will help you make better investing decisions. Although these tools won’t guarantee you will outperform the market, it’s better than just trading the headlines. And, you will feel comfortable expanding your portfolio beyond index funds.

Which tool are you going to try first?  Share a comment and tell us why.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor

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