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  • 2-Day Shipping On Every Order
  • No Membership Fee
  • Free Samples
  • Cheaper than Costco and Amazon


  • Free shipping starts at $49
  • Not every brand is carried
  • Must create account to browse catalog

“The products you love in bulk, delivered to your door.”  That is the slogan for the online retail establishment Boxed and in this review, we are going to see if the claim is too good to be true!  Can you really save money by buying your products on Boxed as opposed to the several other online marketers out there?

Get $15 off your first $60+ Boxed order. I might get a $15 credit too. Thank you in advance!

What Is Boxed?

My family calls the place Boxed although it might also be referenced as or Boxed Wholesale.  When looking for the mobile apps, it will most likely be listed as Boxed Wholesale.

Boxed is an online retail website, similar to Amazon Pantry, that sells you a variety of items that are primarily focused on groceries & other non-food items you would buy at your local grocery store or wholesale club (Sam’s Club or Costco) except at lower prices.  No annual membership fee is required!

But, Boxed does have a premium “Boxed Up” plan that mimics Amazon Prime with free shipping and 2% rewards.

We also use Rakuten to get 1%+ cash back on every Boxed order.

Plus, you get a $10 cash bonus the first time you shop online with Rakuten. Review

Two boxes from a recent order.

What Does Boxed Sell?

You can purchase items in 10 different categories:

  1. Grocery
  2. Beverages
  3. Coffee and Tea
  4. Cleaning Supplies
  5. Home & Office
  6. Bath & Body
  7. Health
  8. Babies & Kids
  9. Pets
  10. Lifestyle
  11. Boxed Gift Cards [Christmas is always right around the corner] 😉

After meeting the minimum order threshold ($30 for me but it can vary state to state) you can checkout.  You must spend at least $49 to get free shipping.

Boxed ships all their boxes using UPS. Our orders usually arrive in 2 or 3 business days.

We always wait until we can make spend at least $49 to avoid the $5.99 to $9.99 for a non-qualifying order. It’s a hassle sometimes, but it’s a smart money move for us.

Free Samples

With each order, you can get two free samples. The sample options change as you can test new products or try some items you didn’t know boxed offered. Sometimes you can get coffee, paper towels, and trash bags. Other times, you may be struggling to find two samples you want. Maybe you can give those to a friend.

Boxed review

The free sample options from a recent Boxed order.


My family still uses Boxed, however, we also use Jet.  See my Boxed vs. Jet comparison to decide which is the better option for you.

Get $15 off your first $60+ Boxed order. I might get a $15 credit too. Thank you in advance!

Our Experience With Boxed

We like to buy in bulk whenever possible.  Don’t worry, Boxed isn’t like Costco where your only option might be buying a 5-year supply of the product you want.

Sam’s & Costco are an hour away from us, so the potential savings aren’t worth the commute for us. And we’re those “weird people” who don’t like shopping at Amazon. So we appreciate Boxed’s prices and product variety.

So far we have had a pleasant experience with Boxed with our orders.  Because of their limited inventory, we don’t buy everything from them.  In any given month, we buy our groceries from several different places whether it’s our town grocery store or dry goods from Vitacost.

For a season in life, a decent portion of our internet shopping was through Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program.  We rarely use this program anymore because our subscription items kept getting delisted or were out of stock.  So we have found alternative places to order our goods.

Boxed has also discontinued some products our family used to purchase but they still have plenty of other products that we do use on a regular basis.

Boxed Customer Service

We also have positive feedback for Boxed customer service.  My wife recently purchased a refill kit for the Swiffer Wet Mops (one reason I use that product in the competitor comparison sections below) and one of the three plastic containers were improperly sealed and leaked.

We sent an email to Boxed over the weekend (the package arrived on a Friday afternoon) and they responded on Monday saying they would send a replacement box.  On Tuesday afternoon, the replacement had arrived via UPS.  Needless to say, we were pleasantly surprised at the quick response time and further solidified our positive impression of Boxed.  For disclosure, I have never needed to complain to Amazon so I cannot make a comparison here.

We have always had fast shipping experiences with Boxed as they use UPS and I think this is one area that sets them apart from other online establishments in our “just in time” society.

Here is a screenshot of the Boxed homepage:

Boxed wholesale review

Click Image For To Enlarge

The Boxed website is set up similar to that other retail website that begins with the letter A.  For the purpose of the above homepage screenshot I scrolled “below the fold” to show what their advertisements look like.  Both Boxed and Amazon have a slideshow with various promotional images.

What If Boxed Doesn’t Have Items I Want?

One drawback to Boxed is that they don’t have as large of a selection as other places.  However, their inventory is growing.  You can help them offer a wider selection by suggesting products.

If you don’t see a product you want in any of these categories, you can recommend a product by clicking the link within the website search results (pictured below) or at the bottom of the website in the footer section. review

Rats…they currently don’t have this type of peanut butter.

Boxed Vs. Amazon

Let’s look at a couple items that are carried by both Amazon & Boxed to see how the prices compare.

Boxed Wholesale ReviewExample 1

36 Rolls of Scott 1000 Toilet Paper

Boxed Price: $23.99

Amazon Price: $43.20

Winner: Boxed (Although they only have 3 choices of toilet paper)


Boxed Wholesale ReviewExample 2

Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mop Refills- 60 count

Boxed Price: $18.79

Amazon Price: $27.38

Winner: Boxed reviewExample 3

Pampers Size 1 Disposable Diapers

Boxed Price: $39.99 for 168 diapers (23.8 cents each)

Amazon Price: $34.21 for 148 diapers (23.1 cents each)

Winner: Amazon (Potentially save another 20% with subscription with Amazon Family) reviewExample 4

Quaker Instant Oatmeal Flavor Variety 52-count

Boxed Price: $9.99

Amazon Price: $16.99

Winner: Boxed


From the four examples above, I picked four items that were sold on both Boxed and Amazon.  Of these examples, Boxed won 3 out of 4 times.

Amazon had a competitive advantage with the disposable diapers and I would say you could save even more money (up to 20% with their Amazon Family subscription plan).

So if you are not very particular about having a certain brand or product size, you can save money with Boxed on most items.  But Amazon has a lot more variety and if you only want a smaller quantity (like a small box of cereal) instead of a six pack, Amazon can also be cheaper.

Boxed vs. Jet

Some have also been curious about how Boxed compares to Jet, another internet distributor recently acquired by Wal-Mart.  As they have slightly different product offerings, here is another set of head-to-head price matchups.

Product #1: Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper (36 Count) Review

Boxed Price: $19.99 (55 cents each roll)

Jet Price: $18.67 (52 cents each roll)

Winner: JET

Product #2: Tide HE Liquid Laundry Detergent (150 oz.) Review

Boxed Price: $20.19 (13.4 cents per oz.)

Jet Price: $19.99 (13.3 cents per oz.)

Winner: JET


Product #3: Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mop Refills (60 count)

Boxed Wholesale Review

Boxed Price: $18.79

Jet Price: $16.74

Winner: JET

Product #4: Pampers Size 1 Disposable Diapers (168 count) review

Boxed Price: $39.99

Jet Price: $37.94

Winner: JET


**Read my full comparison for Jet vs. Boxed here**

Overall, Jet won this head to head battle against Boxed as they are slightly cheaper for each product & most products in general.  You can save money buying Boxed’s private label product. My wife and I enjoy the quality of their Prince and Spring private label.

Get $15 off your first $60+ Boxed order. I might get a $15 credit too. Thank you in advance!

Other Perks Delivered By Boxed

Group Orders

Your friends, roommates, etc. can now make a group order with you. Previously, you needed to create an account to browse and make orders. Another option was sharing your username and password (scary!).

Now, you can send friends and co-workers you trust a special link to make a group order. Pooling your purchase power can make it easier to split the bill and maybe even meet an order minimum for free shipping.


Until 2018, you used to earn rewards points (for free) that you could redeem for future Boxed purchases. Now, you have to pay $49 for Boxed Up to earn rewards points (2% back) and enjoy free shipping on all orders.

If you really like Boxed, this can be a wise purchase. We don’t use Boxed enough to justify this premium plan. So, don’t feel guilty if you don’t sign up for it.

Boxed Up costs $49 per year after a 30-day free trial.

Free Samples

Two FREE samples of your choice are included with every Boxed order.

In the past, we have gotten samples of coconut oil, potato chips, paper towels, etc. The selection is always changing so it’s fun to see what they are offering.

Boxed Express

If you live in certain parts of New York City, New Jersey, Boston, or Atlanta, Boxed will deliver certain items right to your doorstep or business at the time slot you designate.  Qualifying items are for fresh and frozen grocery items.

Any non-express item ordered will still be mailed using UPS.

Boxed Express is expanding their business service, so they might be coming to your town next!

Weekly Deals

Boxed is constantly running specials. This means you can buy some products for even less and get additional cash back for answering the periodic customer service survey.

You will get emails for the weekly (and sometimes daily) specials. Look for the promo code to enter at checkout.

One Way To Always Save Money At Boxed

Without fail, my wife and I always save money at Boxed when with this shopping hack. It’s free and minimal effort is required.

Open your Boxed session by using a cashback portal like Rakuten.

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly About Boxed

It’s that point in the review when we briefly recap the various pros & cons of Boxed.

The Good

  • No annual membership fee
  • Can buy bulk name-brand items with the click of a button (No gas money required)
  • 2-day shipping on every order
  • Certain products cheaper than other online stores
  • Rewards program (It’s no 5% Amazon Subscribe & Save discount, but if the products you are purchasing are already cheaper, it’s an additional 1% discount.)
  • Quick & Responsive Customer Service when we’ve used them.
  • Great buying option for businesses
  • Can pay $49 a year for BoxedUp to get free shipping and 2% cash rewards for future purchases

The Bad

  • $49 for free shipping (or free shipping on all orders if you join Boxed Up)
  • No delivery to P.O. Boxes
  • Must create an account to browse (a hassle if you’re unsure about Boxed)

Overall, I think Boxed is at least worth looking into to see if they have products you normally use.  If you live in a semi-rural area like us, it’s another money-saving option that doesn’t require a drive to the “big city” to visit Costco or have to pay an annual membership fee.

Get $15 off your first $60+ Boxed order. I might get a $15 credit too. Thank you in advance!

Where’s your favorite place to shop online? Leave a comment and let us know!

Boxed review

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18 Comments on " Review"

  1. This is a great review and a company I’ve never heard of before. Thanks for sharing Josh. I’m going to have to take a further look into If it’s like a Costco delivered to your door, it’s definitely something I would be interested in.

    • Thanks. We like it & have saved money with it. We don’t buy everything from there, but we enjoy the convenience of it. Costco is about an hour drive for us and it’s nice being able to shop without leaving the house.

  2. You did your comparison to Amazon, which is notorious for high prices on basic items. What does Boxed’s prices look like compared to, which has free shipping with no minimum with their debit or credit cards?

    • That’s a good question. I have done my best to do an “Apples-to-Apples” comparison between the two with identical products with the 4 product comparisons in the article.

      1. Scott 1000 Toilet Paper…Target doesn’t have a 36-pack (66.7 cents per roll @ Boxed), but currently offers a 15-pack for $9.99 which is 66.6 cents per roll. The 24-pack at Target costs $17.99 (74.9 cents per roll). You need to buy several packages from Target to get the same quantity, but the cost is the same for this product at either site.

      2. Swiffer Sweeper Wet Refills 60-count (31.3 cents each @ Boxed)…Target offers a 36-count for $10.43 (28.9 cents each). Winner: Target

      3. Pampers Size 1 Disposables 168-count (23.8 cents each)…Target offers a 148-count for $31.99 (21.6 cents each). Winner: Target

      4. Quaker Instant Oatmeal 52-Pack (19.2 cents each)…Target only offers a 12-pack @ $2.54 (21.1 cents each). Winner: Boxed

      I think Target is a great & competitive option (along with good shipping experiences) to Boxed and it boils down to what you need to buy or want to buy. Boxed is convenient because you can buy more in bulk with one package. Target seems to have good prices, but need to buy more items due to smaller quantities.

  3. What about Boxed vs Jet?

    • Kay,
      I have added a comparison section for Boxed vs. Jet above. Honestly, Jet looks like they are slightly cheaper for most products! Thanks for asking!

      And, I’ve also created another post Boxed vs. Jet that is an in-depth comparison between the two!

  4. I’ve put in about 10 orders on over the past two years. I’ve noticed that the items that are on sale have a very short amount of time (2-3 months) until the sell by date is reached. That’s not a really good deal when you’re buying in bulk and have to throw away half of what you purchased. When you visit a real store, you can pick up the item and see the sell by date for yourself. I recommend sticking with Costco or Sam’s Club when buying in bulk for this reason.

    • Costco and Sam’s both have better inventories. For Boxed, you do have to monitor the sale emails that come in several times a week to get a good deal, or you’ll just pay the regular price which still isn’t bad. We like Boxed because it’s convenient; Costco and Sam’s are a 45-minute drive for us so ordering online is the more cost-effective option for us.

  5. Ancilla Vandeburgt | January 24, 2019 at 5:13 pm | Reply

    I like the convenience of having things delivered but I would like them to leave my packages at my back patio door

    • I love not being able to shop from home to. I’m afraid I can’t help you with having UPS bring the packages to the back. Especially if you’re like us and have a different driver each time.

  6. I order from Boxed, a lot. I average two orders a week. I love their products, great prices but this bunch is by far the worse packers I’ve ever encountered. Their idea of packing a box is to throw everything in, put some bubble pouches in, and hope for the best. Fully 75% of the boxes I get have something smashed or broken in it. I order heavy items and they always smash smaller items that have been thrown in with them. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out a package of marshmallows is going to get destroyed by an 80 oz bottle of honey when you throw them all in together. I’ve had large bags of sugar that were totally destroyed. Luckily they were put in a heavy plastic bag. Bottles of honey that were smashed and leaking. Other bottles that were crushed but still intact. Samples of cookies or crackers that were flattened. I’ve talked to them about it over and over and it continues to happen. So if you order from them, be prepared. If your products arrive in one piece, which does happen occasionally, it’s just plain luck.

    • I’m glad somebody else has this issue. The few times we ordered heavy items and light items together, the heavy items always crushed the macaroni. We always received a replacement, but to avoid the extra hassle, we try to only order the heavy items in some orders and lighter items in a separate order.

      While we don’t order from many online stores, I will say that Boxed has some of the worst packing experiences. I think part of it is that they try to fit as much into one box as possible. Jet gets pretty creative with sending 50-pound boxes too.

  7. Karen Rooney | June 7, 2019 at 3:07 am | Reply

    Placed an order and was told it would be delivered in 1-3 days but it wasn’t delivered for 6 days. No reason given as to why.

    • I hate to hear that. I haven’t had that happen so I don’t have any personal tips or tricks. Hopefully customer service was able to give you a credit if you contacted them right away.

  8. Gayle Turner | June 27, 2019 at 3:12 pm | Reply

    I have ordered twice through Boxed. Both orders came within two days. I am careful to check prices and only order items that offer savings over Amazon or local stores. But I am happy with their products and will continue to be a Boxed customer.

    • We always price check as well. There are certain items we almost always order from Boxed. But I will say that we use other online retailers more often just because they carry different products and brands that we prefer more.

  9. hi, thank you so much for posting this informative review. I was wondering if you have noticed how often they change the sample selection? Is it daily or like weekly? I have been struggling to find any samples that I am interested in so I have delayed my order haha but I would like to order soon as the sale for the product is ending soon. also wasn’t sure if you noticed but they have since changed their boxed up premium free ship min. it is now $3.99 instead of 20. I just signed up for the 30 day free trial and plan on canceling after. thank you and warm regards,

    • I’m not sure how often they update their samples. We order about once a quarter, so the offerings are different. Plus, you can get enter other promo codes to get their monthly special.

      I’ve never used their premium plan as we don’t order frequently from Boxed. Thanks for including the new shipping policy, I’ll update the post accordingly.

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